Help Others believes that charity (Tzedaka) is an important part of everyone's life. We support many charitable and not-for-profit educational organizations through our site and encourage you to do the same.

We have listed a number of organizations, each of which provide hope and support to those they serve.

We encourage you to read about each of these charity organizations. Discover their stories, be inspired, and join us in supporting these wonderful, life changing associations.

Major Ilan Meir Raiz z”l's family have established a scholarship fund to commemorate him, at the Jerusalem College of Technology. The J.T.C is considered to be a major contributor to Israel being a world leader in state-of-the-art technology, whilst providing a unique combination of professional academic studies along with Jewish studies.
Perot Ha-Ilan Scholarship Fund's – Objectives are:
1. To grant tuition scholarships to outstanding Ethiopian men and women students pursuing the Academic Officers path in the IDF, at the Jerusalem College of Technology, in order to encourage excellence and top quality amongst religious students who intend to protect and strengthen the State of Israel.
2.Honoring the memory of Major Ilan Meir Raiz z”l, who excelled at everything he put his mind to. A man who was imbued with the love of the Land and the State of Israel, who made sure that he set aside time for Torah study, combined a life of Torah and worldly occupation (Derech Eretz), aspired to technological excellence and unfortunately passed away in the prime of his life.

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JobKatif, founded and chaired by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, was established in August 2005, to cope with the widespread unemployment of the Gush Katif evacuees, caused by the Disengagement.  The goal: to create a holistic program to help them reintegrate into the work force.  Since 2005, JobKatif has helped 2,400 people. Yet, there remain hundreds still unemployed. Time is running out.  The Government triples donations, but this agreement terminates soon.  With your help, we can help them rebuild their lives. One job at a time.   

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Torah MiTzion offers programs designed to enthuse and strengthen world Jewry through Torah-based Religious-Zionism.
Our expertise is at providing high-impact, dynamic educational 'shlichut'. Our specially trained 'shlichim' quickly become an integral part of their host communities worldwide. They are recruited from Zionistic 'Yeshivot' where they serve in the IDF and exemplify an idealistic model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism. Our shlichims' love of Judaism, Torah and Israel is contagious and inspiring. Torah Mitzion's newest 'shlichut' program, "Midreshet Tzion", offers dynamic teams of women scholars as another means of impacting Jewish communities.
We also offers quality online Jewish education via the LILMOD program

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Life’s Door-Tishkofet (LDT) has been transforming the experience of people facing life-threatening illness from one of anguish, confusion or denial to one that encourages collaboration, growth and hope for patients, families and professionals. Founded by leading oncologist, Prof. Ben Corn, MD and his wife Dvora Corn MSc, an occupational and family therapist, the organization has been expanding beyond medical care to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of clients. LDT offers individual psychotherapy and spiritual care, supportive and creative expression groups, retreats, as well as training programs for professionals and volunteers.


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