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About Us is a vibrant business, whose main aim is to provide consumers world-wide with easy access to the best of Israeli products and services.  We wish to promote Israel to the world as a place to shop, visit and enjoy family celebrations. began as a small internet business 10 years ago when Israel was experiencing some challenging times. Its purpose was to support and promote Israeli businesses at a very difficult economic and political period in our history.

Today we have redesigned our website and our business model in order to offer a portal full of the finest Israeli products and services, technological innovations, raw materials, manpower, touring ideas, and event management and support. We are your one-stop shop for access to hundreds of Israeli businesses.

Our site is constantly being updated as there are always more companies that desire to be part of the community.

We at understand that our online customers come from all corners of the globe searching for some of the world's best quality products and services that only Israel has to offer and we appreciate your continued support. 

We hope that you will recommend to friends and family and let us be your portal to access Israel's best.

Based in Jerusalem, promoting Israeli business to the world.